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How Can Poor Vision Affect Your Child’s Behavior?

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It’s not uncommon for parents to encounter behavioral problems in their children at some point in time. While there may be many reasons for a child acting out or being inattentive, research has shown that poor visual skills can contribute to behavioral issues in children.

That's because visual deficits, such as poor eye teaming and double vision, might contribute to your kid's distractibility, hyperactivity, and frustration.

Fortunately, a personalized vision therapy program at Complete Vision Care in Leadington can help strengthen any poor visual skills and give your child the confidence they need to succeed in school and in life.

What are Poor Visual Skills?

Poor visual skills refer to problems with the way a child processes visual information. This can include issues with eye coordination, eye tracking, and focusing, among others. Children with poor visual skills may have difficulty reading, writing and participating in activities that require visual attention. This, in turn, may cause a child to act out and become frustrated.

People with poor visual skills have difficulty following instructions, paying attention, and doing tasks that require visual-motor coordination. Moreover, it's not uncommon for kids with poor visual skills to have low self-esteem and social problems.

How Can Vision Therapy Address Behavioral Problems?

One way to address these vision-related behavioral problems is through vision therapy. Vision therapy is a customized treatment program that helps strengthen visual skills and processing. It can include a variety of activities such as eye exercises, the use of special lenses and prisms, and computer-based activities.

Your Leadington developmental optometrist provides vision therapy, which involves assessing and treating your child's visual skills. Each vision therapy session is typically provided on a weekly basis, with progress monitored throughout the course of treatment.

While vision therapy isn’t a quick fix, it can lead to significant improvements in a child's visual skills and behavior.

Vision Therapy and Other Services in Leadington

If your child is struggling with behavioral problems or falling behind academically in school, we can help.

During your child’s eye exam, we'll test for a wide range of visual skills and determine whether vision therapy can benefit your child.

By correcting your child’s underlying visual problem, you’ll enable them to succeed academically and socially with greater ease.

To schedule your child’s functional visual evaluation, call Complete Vision Care in Leadington today!

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