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Highly Recommend


Dr. Kahrhoff and his staff are second to none. When you ask questions, he takes his time and answers thoroughly and in a way that just makes sense. He takes his time with each patient, yet I've never had to wait longer than 5 minutes to be seen. I highly recommend Dr. Kahrhoff and Complete Vision Care.

- Mike H. - Google

Contact Lens Consult


My 12 year old son came in for a contact consult. We were there for 5 hours. Dr. Wile and his receptionist Anna were so patient and kind. Finally, with their guidance, he put in and took out his contacts. Thank you

- Holly W. - Google

Macular Degeneration


Dr. Crane was very helpful in working with my macular problem.

- DK, 4/13/19

Double Vision After Stroke


After two cancellations due to ice/snow, we finally made it to the office. My mother is a stroke patient and her eyes were affected and she was left with double vision. Two eye doctors told her that her double vision could not be treated. This was not true and on the first visit with Dr. Radakovic, she thoroughly tested my mother and was able to fit her with prism patches that corrected the double vision. My mother was thrilled as she had not been able to see clearly since her stroke occurred in 2013. Dr. Radakovic was a true blessing for my mother. Our family will now be visiting Dr. Radakovic for all of our vision needs.

- MJ - 3/26/19

Vision Therapy Changed Her Life


My daughter was having major issues with reading, letter and number reversals, and attention. This was going on for years. We went to doctors for ADHD but nothing helped. Before therapy she was failing classes and on ADHD mediation. My daughter is reading better, more confident and has stopped ADHD medication. Vision therapy has changed her life. She sees the world around her in new ways. She is also able to focus without any medication. Webster Eye Care doctors and staff are amazing to work with. They truly care about each patient. I highly recommend them.

- XX - 1/9/19

Dr. Wiles Was Great


Great friendly staff. Made my daughter feel very comfortable. Dr. Wiles was great, explained everything thoroughly.

- Christopher D. - Google

Dry Eye Expertise


Dr. Crane has by far been the best eye doctor I've had, and I have tried many. Even though his office is a long commute for me, it is worth it. He has so much expertise in dry eye and is the first doctor who explained it to me in a way that made sense. He makes himself accessible to answer questions via email and is very prompt and thorough in his replies. He has a variety of treatments for dry eye, both traditional and holistic and has been very open to exploring treatments outside of his current repertoire.

- Christina C. - Google